iHeartMedia Youngstown Announces the Launch of 1390, The Gambler

iHeartMedia Youngstown

A new radio station – 1390, the Gambler – was launched by iHeartMedia Youngstown. This new radio station’s main focus would be sports talk with particular emphasis on gambling and hourly wagering updates from Vegas Stats and Information. The Youngstown Community is thrilled with this new offering as they come closer to the world of sports wagering. 

iHeartMedia is a US mass media corporation headquartered in San Antonio and is the country’s largest radio station owner. The company has, under its roster, more than 850 AM & FM radio stations. The company has also ventured into internet radio & podcasting through the digital platform iHeartRadio.

Brent Musberger, the American Sportscaster, will host the featured program, My Guys in the Desert. The station has a slew of programs in its repertoire that includes betting, betting strategies, and signature programming from the very popular Fox Sports Radio. Some of these programs include The Clay Travis Show and The Lombardi Line hosted by Mike Lombardi. 

The marketing team of the iHeartMedia Youngstown believes that 1390, The Gambler is the future of the sports radio concept. Youngstown residents are equally thrilled with this new offering and believe that this launch will usher in a new era of sports betting stations.

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