Mask Policies Being Updated by Casinos in Southern California

Mask Policies Being Updated by Casinos in Southern California

Everyone around the globe is now well aware of the coronavirus pandemic’s severity. Government, organizations and people are adopting stringent measures to contain the spread of the virus. Casinos in the gambling industry are also taking all the necessary precautions to keep the gamers safe while they have restarted their operations.

It’s important to note that some Southern California’s major casinos have updated their mask policies and communicated the same to gamers. For example, in its updated policy, the Agua Caliente Casinos said that guests must wear their face masks when entering the premises. Any covering having the vents or holes will no longer be allowed in the property. The company’s social media post revealed that gamers could avail of the masks upon request.

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A similar decision has been taken by the Spotlight 29 Casino, and their official website said that no neck gaiters or bandanas will be allowed in their properties from August 28, 2020, onwards. The casino has also banned the use of face masks with any holes or vents.

The General Manager of the Valley View Casino & Hotel is updating the customers through its official letter. The letter’s content is about the company’s updated policy, which said that guests require a solid mask without any vent or hole while they sit or lounge around the casino. The organization is clear that no face-covering in the form of a handkerchief or scarf will be allowed. The letter had hinted that new rules would be effective from late August, although its earlier communication for June and July stated that guests need to cover their faces while wearing an appropriate face mask.

Along with these prominent casinos, we have several other casinos updating their mask policy, especially in the last few weeks to combat the pandemic’s menace. Some of the prominent names include Resort & Spa, Morongo Casino, Augustine Casino, and Pechanga Resort Casino.


It is important to note that these changes in the policies have taken place only in the last few weeks. Most of these decisions cite the government and regulatory authorities’ policies as a reason to come up with these new sets of regulations. In sum, it is a good step taken by the casinos as these new directives will make visitors more aware of the health and safety risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic. In turn, this will help the industry to sustain its growth in the future.

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