CES’s Return to Las Vegas Expected to Encourage Casinos

CES’s Return to Las Vegas Expected to Encourage Casinos

The World’s biggest tech conference Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is officially back with the in-person format in Las Vegas in 2022. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of this annual gathering, announced the conference recently. This announcement can encourage casino businesses and establishments in Las Vegas and other states.

The group had planned for the in-person event in July 2020, after which it announced it would go digital in 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic period. Along with CES, other tech events like IFA 2021 will be in person this year.

With this announcement by CTA, more than 1000 companies have already registered to join the event; others continue to sign up.

Due to the pandemic, months of closure and business shut have affected the city economically. Tens and thousands of employees had no income. With CES officially coming back, there is a positive vibe among gamblers and travelers.

Las Vegas is all set for Action

The reappearance of CES in Las Vegas isn’t the only positive news; an announcement from the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) last has also lifted the casino market. It announced that casinos in Las Vegas and other states would be increasing their capacity to welcome more players and encourage the business. This announcement was a significant relief for employers and operators of casinos in the city. Moreover, it was a sign that the industry is slowly normalizing in the country. However, nothing is going to take place overnight.

This announcement may also improve tourism, allowing Las Vegas and Nevada to be back on track.

Along with casinos, trade shows, CES plays a massive part in the city’s economy, as resorts and other hospitality areas earn good money during this period.

CES 2022 is scheduled to go live from January 5th till 8th. Among all companies joining the event, confirmed tech companies are Amazon, Dell, Google, IBM, and others.

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