$25,000 Blackjack Leaderboard by BetMGM, PA

$25,000 Blackjack Leaderboard by BetMGM, PA

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It is equally loved in physical locations as well as online platforms. BetMGM has now decided to give their Blackjack players at Borgata Casino a chance to win some massive prizes. 

BetMGM Casino will run a blackjack leaderboard from May 27th to June 2nd. At the end of this period, the top 200 players on the leaderboard will be eligible to win prizes. The top-ranked player will win almost $10,000. Second place will get $5000, and third place will win $2000. The lowest reward will be $5. 

Players who are interested in getting a chance to win these prizes need to go to their BetMGM gambling account. There they need to join the Blackjack Leaderboard promo. But players can opt-in only once for the leaderboard. 

When the players start playing at the Blackjack table, they will earn one point for every $5 that they wager. This means that players who place the maximum number of wagers or those who wager the largest amounts will have better chances of topping the leaderboard. There is no limit to the time and money one can bet during their turn at the tables. But this leaderboard is only for online blackjack tables. No live dealer games will be considered. Players can still place bets and play at live tables, but they will not gain any points on the leaderboard from these games.

This Blackjack leaderboard will also be available through the online gambling accounts of Stars Casino and Borgata Casino in Pennsylvania. If players play from multiple accounts and win prizes from multiple sources, they will only be considered for the prize with a higher valuation. Experienced players suggest that there is no advantage to using multiple accounts for this promo and dividing up your time and resources. Players should focus on one account to get a better result on the leaderboard. 

Players who want to participate in competitive leaderboards but don’t enjoy Blackjack can try BetMGM PA’s Weekend Leaderboard with $10,000 in prizes. Points can be earned by placing bets on all electronic game tables. Live dealer tables will be excluded from the scheme. The top-ranked player will get $5000 in unrestricted free play funds. BetMGM has many more similar schemes to add a little more adrenaline and excitement to Pennsylvania’s online betting scene.

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