Sports Bettor Confesses to the 2004 Murder of Long Island Bookie’s Runner

Sports Bettor Confesses to the 2004 Murder of Long Island Bookie’s Runner

The 2004 murder case of Bobby Calabrese, a Long Island bookies’ runner, has taken a significant turn as the accused gambler, Mark Orlando, has accepted his involvement in the killing. The culprit admitted for the first time in front of the judge after being sentenced to 23 years of imprisonment by the court. Mark channelized the murder with the help of ex-US Marine official Herve Jeannot who was equally involved in the brutal incident.

According to the information, Mark Orlando was bound to pay $17,000 as his gambling debt to Calabrese. Instead of clearing his dues, Orlando took the wrong path of crime as he never intended to pay the debt in reality. The culprits managed to call Calabrese to a vacant industrial hub in Island Park, lying between the mainland and the Long Beach Island, to execute their evil plan. Orlando grabbed the young victim while Jeannot shot him in the head using a .44 caliber revolver. To make sure he is dead, Jeannot shot him two more times in the back of his head. For this, Orlando paid Jeannot $4,000 as his fees.

Interestingly, Orlando was serving a term of 25 years to life for the concerned murder of the bookie runner. However, in 2019, a federal court altered the initial conviction order based on a detective’s testimony that advocated the violation of a statute. Jeannot took his own life after his conviction by committing suicide in jail back in 2010. The recent development in the case and Orlando’s admission of his crime has sighed relief and hope to the family members of Calabrese. They have been subjected to six trials over 17 years to finally get the result they had been praying for.

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